Veronica Flint

Veronica Flint

Veronica Flint is the lead VR designer at Moth + Flame which is a company that guide brands entering the VR space. She also does character game animation, motion capture, and cinematic in videos games. Switching game engines halfway through or even 1/4 through can be a huge hassle and time-consuming. Choose an engine and try your best to stick with it. Catt and I also talked about how designing games for VR is very different mainly due to motion movement. Thus having a frame of reference when creating your game can really help. Also implementing locomotion options for players can help reduce motion sickness.


  • It’s important for higher ups to know a bit about the technical side of designing a video game
  • Switching game engine during development can take a project back months or even years
  • Find local communities and see if there are any classes to take on game development and network



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