With 20 years in the technology industry, 10 in the game industry, on 4 continents, Roger Miller comes with a breadth of knowledge. Roger Miller has been on the leading edge of both server and client side technologies from factory automation to data cataloging to award-winning games. He has worked with leading advertising agencies such as Ogilvy One, been a vendor for entertainment companies such as Disney and HBO, created solutions for BMW and Deloitte and been nominated for awards such as the IMGA. He currently runs a small studio in Bend, OR where he crafts quality software with care.

You will learn:

  1. How to effectively use Unity involving nested prefabs, ADB Logcat, package manager, and more. Download Unity for free to get started!
  2. Use a time management technique called timeboxing where you give yourself a maximum time limit in advance and complete the activity within that time frame. Manage and complete small goals first, improve, then move on to bigger goals.
  3. Just because you make a great game does not mean you will succeed. You must research marketing and advertising ahead of time.

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