I’m Tony Chan, creator of Game Dev Loadout. If you are new, pivoting careers, or just trying to figure out a way to start in the video game industry then this page is for you.

What is Game Dev Loadout?


As a new game developer, I experienced the harsh difficulty of creating my first game called Finding Leo. I didn’t know how to lead a team, budget correctly, create a scope, market my game, and much more. To help people avoid my mistakes and start off on the right track, I created Game Dev Loadout.

By interviewing game industry professionals, we can take inspiration and model after the best. They share techniques, resources, mistakes, action steps, and personal values. We will save so much time and headaches. The best part is when my guests offer YOU to contact them! The game industry is full of amazing people that want to help so I highly encourage you to ASK QUESTIONS.

Game Dev Loadout goals...


After 60 interviews with the top people in the game industry, I learn…

1. Being a game developer is NOT easy and it takes a lot of hard work. It takes time, patience, persistence, money, and more. My goal is to mentally prepare you for what’s to come because there will be failures that will make you want to give up. You are probably in that phase right now. I hope my show can give you the inspiration to keep pressing on.

2. Networking and building relationships are vital. After going to PAX and the Austin Game Conference, my enthusiasm for the game industry skyrocket. Take part in events with like-minded people. Go to local communities, events, and chat on online forums. Listen to positive media like mines to be invigorated and learn valuable knowledge.

3. The game industry is BOOMING with VR, AR, eSports, and more gaming tools on the rise. Don’t be discouraged when people say that the video game market is oversaturated. If you make a great game and market it right, it can find success. Plus even if your game doesn’t succeed, it looks great on the resume because you can show that you completed and published a game. There are no excuses so start making a game today.

I Appreciate You!


Thank you for reading. My motto is “knowledge is only POTENTIAL power, EXECUTION is the game.” I’m happy to give you valuable content but in the end, it’s up to you to take action and reap the benefits.

I’m here for you as both a guide and as a friend.

I want to hear your stories. I want to know how else I can help you. I want Game Dev Loadout experience to be our experience, together. That’s how we all learn and grow together, including me.

I do my best to respond to emails. I treat everyone equally. And I firmly believe that interviewing the best people and spreading their message will inspire you to take action today. Join me on this journey to learn from the best. Cheers to more and better games.

-Tony Chan

Game Industry Professionals


Game Dev Loadout is a top-rated podcast where I chat with game industry professionals every Wednesday morning to empower you with the motivation and tactics to a successful gaming career. If you are new, experienced, need inspiration, or are pivoting careers then this podcast is for you. You will get ACTIONABLE advice during your daily commute, workout, or ‘me’ time. Each episode details the journey of their WORST moment and lessons learned, key principles for success, and much more. Each episode ends with the LIGHTNING ROUND where I extract personal values, internet resources, and action steps for you, GAME DEVS!

Here are three podcast episodes that I think will give you a great idea of what I hope to accomplish. Enjoy!

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