Sonia Michaels Sonia Michaels – “There are a lot of really qualified people out there and so when I have three people that have similar degrees, similar qualifications, and similar experience. You’re going to hire the one that seems like they’re going to be the best to work with because no one wants to work with a jerk.”

Sonia Michaels is a senior lecturer at Digipen where she helps students create career search materials, develop their networking skills, and launch their careers in the game industry. Under her guidance, students and alumni have earned positions at Blizzard, Riot Games, Bungie, and many more.


  • She didn’t know there was a job opportunity for teaching communication within the game industry, until she began preparing her students at DigiPen to launch their careers
  • There is no awesome job called Game Idea Guy
  • Critical thinking is essential
  • Using custom resumes and cover letter
  • How to do phone interviews  
  • Important to explain how you will fit in with the company and what you will contribute
  • Awesome people are helping to reduce crunch time practices
  • Avoid using a premade template
  • Add your personal branding into your resume
  • No one wants to work with a jerk!
  • Excited about more narrative driven games
  • And much more



Resume/Cover Letter:

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