Episode 98

Andrew Abedian

“Try it and fail. You should fail. You should actually go in wanting to fail as fast and as hard as possible because you will try to recover and learn from that and then you’ll do slightly better. The more you fail, the better you get.”


Designing Levels for VR, Working Literally 90 Hours A Week, and the Courage to Act on Things with Andrew Abedian Episode 98

On this episode of the Game Dev Loadout podcast, I interviewed Andrew Abedian of Survios. His studio made the adrenaline platformer Sprint Vector and the critically-acclaimed Raw Data, the first VR-exclusive game to hit #1 on Steam’s Global Best Seller list. You’ll learn how to make VR levels, Andrew experience of working 90 hours a week, and why you should have the courage to try out many things. Thanks again to Andrew for the awesome interview and I hope you enjoy.


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