Rich Vreeland

Rich Vreeland

Rich Vreeland, better known by his stage name: Disasterpeace. He has worked in various roles on dozens of games such as ‘FEZ’, ‘Hyper Light Drifter’, ‘Mini Metro’, ‘The Floor is Jelly’, and ‘Reigns’. In addition to games, he’s worked on Adventure Time, scored the film It Follows, and has 50 albums to his credit. Rich talks about the importance of being authentic. To build meaningful relationships and trust within your community, you have to be yourself. People will always find the truth. We also touch upon maintaining consistency over long periods and to not focus on too many different projects.


  • Writing music can be very emotional 
  • Be open to experimentation
  • It’s hard to maintain a style and consistency when working on a project for a long time
  • Be authentic for people to trust and visible for people to communicate
  • Don’t focus on too many goals



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