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“Nothing would stop me right now”: Cliff Harris on what it takes to become a Successful Game Developer (Interview) Episode 89

    1 - General Interview   2 - BETA Phase: Rapid Fire Questions   3 - Connect with Cliff   Game designer, programmer, and running a one-man games business, Cliff Harris of Positech Games is behind strategy and simulation games such as Democracy and Gratuitous Space Battles.    In this interview, Cliff talks about his journey in the game industry, emphasizes on making sure you are taking advice from the right...

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88: Join a Great Community for Inspiration with Jason Canam from Household Games

On the Game Dev Loadout podcast, join Jason Canam from Household Games Incorporation as we discuss making games accessible, taking timeline seriously, benefits of being in a community, and much more. He found his company in 2016 which is focused on creating high-quality and stylized original IP content for consoles and PC. He used to be the game designer for DrinkBox Studios working on Guacamelee! Championship Edition and now his current game...

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87: Going Indie with Jake Birkett of Grey Alien Games

Jake Birkett of Grey Alien Games on the Game Dev Loadoout podcast. We discuss making games faster, how he took the huge risk of going indie, and much more. He has been an indie dev since 2005 at Grey Alien Games working on Shadowhand and Regency Solitaire. He also writes blogs about his journey. Jake Birkett Items Mentioned: Jake Website Twitter Facebook Email  Game Shadowhand Game Regency Solitaire Article Steve Pavlina Blitz Basic  Unity...

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