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03: How to Build an Engaging Community with Richard Millington

 Richard Millington is the founder of FeverBee, author of Buzzing Communities, and a frequent speaker at online community events around the world. Since Richard's unique focus is on cracking the 'social code' behind successful social groups, his approach combines cutting edge social psychology with advanced data insights and a library of repeatable case studies to transform audiences, employees, and customers into united, supportive groups....

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02: How to Get Started in the Video Game Industry with Angel Muniz

Angel Muniz is a Hololens Developer working in Art & Design through an environment and prop creation for Unity and Unreal Engines. She co-organized 3D Learning Network on Facebook for industry vets, juniors, and recent grad artists. She also tutors in 3D art and lighting for games and films. Because of Angel, I've been able to network and meet amazing people. Some of my guests on the show is thanks to her. In addition, she has given us her...

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01: Interviewing Game Industry Professionals with Tony Chan

Tony Chan here, your host for the podcast. Thank you for joining me on the first episode of Game Dev Loadout. As a new game developer, it was difficult leading a programmer and an artist to make a small mobile game. I can't imagine what's it like working on a bigger game. I believe the best way to learn is to model after the best. As a result, I went out and interviewed over 70 professionals. Because of my persistent and passion, I've been able...

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