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09 Joseph Longoria: Stop Talking and Finish Your Game!

Joseph Longoria. One of the main problems game developers have is never finishing their game. Sometimes we tackle a vision too big, lose motivation, and eventually give up. We need to stop overthinking ideas and just go create a finish game. Pick a tool and do it. YOU'LL LEARN Inspired by Nintendo His dreams came true BUT... Making your first video game Sprite move is awesome Why he took his futon privilege away​​ If it's better than your last...

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08 Keith Turkowski: Have the End in Mind

 Keith Turkowski is the lead programmer at Lazy 8 Studios, worked on Everquest and Section 8. He has been in the game industry for 11 years. We talked about the importance of figuring out that first step and then immediately begin taking action on it. He mentioned a powerful quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery which is, "A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take...

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07 Scott Brodie: What’s the Heart of Your Game?

Scott Brodie is the Founder, Lead Designer, and Programmer at independent studio Heart Shaped Games. He is an experienced game designer with credits in almost every area of the game industry. His most recent game, Hero Generations, was an IndieCade Finalist, funded through Kickstarter, and released with success on Steam, iOS & Android. Prior to Heart Shaped Games, he partnered with over 20+ independent developers as an XBLA Producer for...

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