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12 Ted Aronson: Games with Social Impact

Ted Aronson. Playing video games can be very beneficial. It can make learning fun, improve our mind and body, and create social impact. Ted gives us pointers on how to make games focused on health and education. YOU'LL LEARN Your content needs to make sense and guide the players through Had to work during vacation Almost moved to a new location after feeling burnt out Stay at your best even if the idea isn't yours Discuss the impact of games...

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11 Dave Rohrl: Never Ever Release a Game You’re Not Proud Of

Dave Rohrl joins us today to give us incredible value about game design. Be proud of the work you do, play test early and often to learn those mistakes then quickly improve, and remember that every feature in the game should carry its own weight. Release your game with the feeling of accomplishment. YOU'LL LEARN Time Boxing - give yourself time to figure out why the game is not working, and if you can't figure it out by then, cut and run...

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10 Grant Shonkwiler: People Over Product, Product Over Process

Grant Shonkwiler dives deep into the importance of "People Process Product." The team health and stability should be a top priority. Taking breaks can do huge wonders to the mind and body. Also learning the basic language of each position you oversee makes communication much easier. YOU'LL LEARN Build a triple A mutliplayer within four months! Talk about the importance of a healthy mind and body Learn a bit about each position to communicate...

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