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92: Cultivate and Maintain Long-Term Relationships with Chris Remo from Campo Santo

    On the Game Dev Loadout podcast, Chris Remo discusses how to communicate your game to the audience, cultivate friendships, and ways to absorb user feedback. He is the designer and composer over at Campo Santo which created the highly praised game Firewatch. Currently, they are working on In the Valley of Gods. He also co-hosts many podcasts including Import If True, Idle Thumbs, and The Idle Book Club.   Chris Remo Items...

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91: How to Showcase Your Game at Events with Kelly Wallick from IndieMEGABOOTH

On Game Dev Loadout, we discuss how Indie Megabooth was started, how to showcase your game at events, and the cost of inaction. Kelly Wallick is the founder of Indie Megabooth which mission is to bring indie games to the forefront of the gaming community. She also is an IGF (indie games festival) chairman and co-organizer of BitSummit.   Kelly Wallick Items Mentioned: Kelly Twitter Email Indie Megabooth Website Facebook Indie...

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90: Seek Comfortability to Increase Productivity with Katharine Neil

 Katharine Neil has 19 plus years of experience in the game industry working on a variety of genres including racing games, third-person shooters, management sims, and more. She blogs and speaks at GDC. Currently, she is the narrative designer for Nyamyam Games currently working on a project called Astrologaster. On Game Dev Loadoout, we discuss the importance of being comfortable, why crunch needs to be avoided, and how her old office was...

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