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42: Contracts for a Peace of Mind with Brandon Sheffield

Brandon Sheffield is director of indie game studio Necrosoft Games. He is former editor in chief of Game Developer magazine and writes for publications like Gamasutra.com, Zam.com, and Vice.com. He is also the adviser to GDC, Reboot, Digital Dragons, Sense of Wonder Night, and many others. KEY POINTS For whatever reason, good or bad, if the team breaks apart, there should be contracts in place that clearly outline the details of the game and...

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41: Avoid Feature Creep with Zachary Berenger

Zachary Berenger has been making video games for over 12 years and also, he has been making tutorials on youtube for over five years to help us Game Devs learn how to make great games and get us motivated. His youtube name is RealTutsGML and his website is codingmadesimple.com.In this episode, we touch upon feature creep which basically means adding new features to the game. This can be a very bad thing because adding new features means more...

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40: Have a Flexible Purpose with Robin Arnott

Robin Arnott first virtual reality game was a sense-depriving gas mask with a literal suffocation mechanic. His new project "SoundSelf" aims to induce meditative bliss. Creating games as we all know can be very challenging. Robin expresses his feelings and experience on his 6-year journey making SoundSelf. One key takeaway is to have a sense of why and purpose in order to maintain motivation. CONTACT SoundSelf Website SoundSelf Facebook...

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