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44: The Community Got Your Back with Matthew Viglione

Matthew Viglione is a co-founder of SomaSim, a Chicago-based indie studio founded in 2013 to create simulation games. He has extensive experience in creative direction, writing, and graphic design. He also has done a few GDC talk such as his latest one called “Running a Post-Apocalyptic Indie Studio.” Those 1-star reviews, those hate comments, and trolls can definitely ruin a person night. Luckily there is the positive side of the community....

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43: Writing Interactive Music with Garry Schyman

Garry Schyman is a BAFTA-winning composer that worked on acclaimed games such as the 'Bioshock Trilogy', 'Dante's Inferno', 'Shadow of Mordor', and the 'Destroy All Humans Trilogy'. He is one of the most decorated composers in the industry winning numerous awards including several soundtracks of the year awards. Writing music in games is different from other media like movies which have locked pictures. In video games, every experience will be...

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42: Contracts for a Peace of Mind with Brandon Sheffield

Brandon Sheffield is director of indie game studio Necrosoft Games. He is former editor in chief of Game Developer magazine and writes for publications like Gamasutra.com, Zam.com, and Vice.com. He is also the adviser to GDC, Reboot, Digital Dragons, Sense of Wonder Night, and many others. KEY POINTS For whatever reason, good or bad, if the team breaks apart, there should be contracts in place that clearly outline the details of the game and...

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