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73: How to Make Indie Games with a Low Budget with Oded Sharon

Oded Sharon - “You need to use your strengths as a creative person and not necessarily as a production company. If you are a small team, buy pre made assets from the assets store that are within your scope. Don’t waste time building everything.” Oded Sharon is the founder and ceo of two companies, Corbomite Games and Adventure Mob. With over 18 years of experience, he made games such as Zbang, Cocktail Run, and Bolt Riley. He is also the head...

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72: Gamification, Professor Game Podcast, and Reading with Rob Alvarez

Rob Alvarez - “Every action you take has to help you build toward the objective, maybe not directly but even if it’s indirectly, you have to see a path. Whatever you are including, whatever you are introducing is helping your player feel some way so that you can achieve your business objective, or your fun objective, or your learning objective.” Rob Alvarez studies gamification design for learning experience at the IE Business School which is a...

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71: Resume, Cover Letter, and Getting a Job with Sonia Michaels

 Sonia Michaels - “There are a lot of really qualified people out there and so when I have three people that have similar degrees, similar qualifications, and similar experience. You're going to hire the one that seems like they're going to be the best to work with because no one wants to work with a jerk.” Sonia Michaels is a senior lecturer at Digipen where she helps students create career search materials, develop their networking skills,...

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