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85: The Benefits of Having a Game Consultant with Tommy Roekkum of Trym Studios

Tommy Roekkum

On Game Dev Loadoout, Tommy Roekkum discuss the benefits of having a game consultant, his experience of hiring a freelancer, how he got a publisher, and much more. Tommy Roekkum is the Project lead and CEO of Trym Studios, hailing out of Norway, currently working on their first game, a 17th century trade sim! Tommy, coming from the oil industry made a big transition from a safe and well paid job over to creating his own game studio and going for a very ambitions game, getting a publisher at the start of development and funds to create a demo.


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84: What Makes People Buy Games with Dan Schoenbaum of Cooladata

dan schoenbaum

On Game Dev Loadout, Dan Schoenbaum discusses the importance of gathering data on your audience, High LTV customers, CAC, and much more. Dan Schoenbaum is the CEO of Cooladata which specializes in helping clients understand their customer’s journey from discovery and conversion to retention and growth. Essentially they analyze customer behavior analytics to help you figure out what your audience is doing with your game and how you can optimize it.


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83: Toolsmith, Rendering Gods, and Revision Control System with Blair Leggett of One More Story Games

Blair Leggett Blair Leggett – “So too how a mountaineer has their safety line, a game team has their revision control system. If codes get messed up or something goes fubar, you have a RCS like a GitHub or Perforce that will help you recover NOT IF accidents happen but when IT happens especially as you start to scale up in development.”

Blair Leggett leads a small indie studio with his wife called One More Story Games. With over 20 plus years in the game industry, they have built their own game engine specifically for authors to create narrative games and published 7 games in the last 3 years while building the engine. Their work includes Danielle’s Inferno, Skycarver, and the upcoming Shakespeare’s Landlord.


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