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Elaine Benoit

“This is a great podcast! Tony Chan’s enthusiasm for all things gaming and game development is contagious and inspiring. Even more impressive is Tony’s sense of mission. He wants to deliver great content to elevate the entire ecosystem of game developers, artists, and every other category of contributors working in the industry. And he does. Tony’s interest and passion make him a natural host and listener. His guests are smart people sharing compelling stories. Excellent job, T!”

Hans Hageman

“I’m an old dog learning new tricks, so this world is new to me. This podcast is an incredible resource for anyone looking to break into the world of game development or anyone who wants to learn about this new frontier.”

The Kim Sutton

“Tony, THANK YOU! As a podcaster myself, I know the work that goest into a podcast is… not small. And I also know our podcast is not for everyone. But when I found yours I knew exactly who I needed to recommend it to — my husband, an indie game dev. It’s inspiring, value-driven, and has given my husband something content rich and motivating to listen to while working on releasing his first game!”


“Great stories from professional game devs. It’s worth a listen if you are a game developer now, thinking about building games, or just like hearing about the inner workings of the industry. Check it out!”


“Fantastic podcast delving into fascinating issues regarding game design and development. Love how Tony Chan’s interviews with great guests deeply dive into a game narrative, experience design, and other nuances to the process of creating a successful game design. Looking forward to future episodes.”

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Here is a list of tools to get started today such as game engines, royalty free music, game distribution, books, drawing tools, and much more.