Winner! Leo LeBlanc

Winner! Leo LeBlanc

Huge congrats to Leo LeBlanc for winning the free giveaway and thank you Tim for the opportunity. Below is the video where Tim give Leo strategies to successful market his game. Enjoy! Stay tuned for more giveaways such as in-store credits, ebooks, and more. Disclaimer: I am not getting paid for this. I reached out to Tim and he was awesome enough to give us his time. Thank you for your time!

Tim was on episode four of Game Dev Loadout so I definitely recommend checking it out. Tim Ruswick is the founder of Game Dev Underground which is a marketing and connection platform for indie game developers to engage with one another and get their game out to the masses. With automated marketing tools, and a range of features designed to get developers together, the core focus of the underground is to get games where they belong: in the hands of gamers. He also does Youtube videos and blogging to give us game devs tips and advice to keep pushing forward. Click here to listen to his episode.

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