Interview Flow

What makes a great Game Dev Loadout interview? Effectively telling your story combined with solid audio quality. Using headphones while recording makes the audio quality better.

Click here to download docx version to write in.

Part 1: Your Expertise

  • Tell us a bit about your personal life and how you got started in the game industry.
  • What is something we probably don’t know about in your expertise that we should?
  • What mistakes are most common, even at the pro level?
  • Give us your key principles at becoming better in your field.

Part 2: Worst Moment and Lessons Learned

  • What was the worst moment you had in the game industry? Be specific!
  • What do you want to make sure we take away from that?
  • What’s a favorite failure of yours that later set you up for success?
  • What do you do in particular when you feel overwhelmed or unfocused?
  • Does your team set any rules or boundaries when it comes to work/life balance? 
  • What are bad recommendations you hear in your profession that we should avoid?

Part 3: Continuous Improvement

  • What is one of the most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made? (Could be money, time, or energy.)
  • In the last five years, what new beliefs, behaviors, or habits have positively impacted your life?
  • What is one major goal you want to achieve in the next six months?
  • Give us some specific actions you would focus on right now to accomplish that goal.
  • Imagine you have a gigantic billboard that can reach millions of driven people that want to join the game industry, what would you say and why?

Part 4: Crunch Time (Rapid-Fire Questions)

  • Why do you love being a part of the video game industry?
  • What was holding you back in the beginning?
  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
  • What’s a great marketing tip to make yourself stand out?
  • What is something you automated that made life easier (in expertise or in personal life)?
  • What purchase of less than $100 that has most improved your life? (Specifics like brand and model, where you found it, etc.)
  • What resources should we use today to get started in your field?
  • Imagine you woke up the next morning in a brand new world and you knew no one, you still have all the experience and knowledge you currently have today, your food and shelter are taken care of and you have a laptop. What would you do step by step on the path to join and become successful in the game industry?


  • Tell us how we can connect with you and give any last word of encouragement, then we’ll say goodbye.

Suggestions to leave listeners with:

  • Your email
  • Social media
  • Upcoming events you want listeners to check out
  • Give a special code or giveaway
  • Info on your games/companies

We will record through Skype. My ID is tchankhmer. I will send a reminder email on the day of the interview. 

Note: By participating in the interview, you agree to allow TChan Games LLC to record, distribute, and retain the rights to the produced media.

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