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Interview Flow

What makes a great Game Dev Loadout interview? Effectively telling your story combined with solid audio quality. Using headphones while recording makes the audio quality better.

Part 1: We learn about your expertise.

  • Tell us a bit about your personal life and how you got started in the game industry.
  • What is something we probably don’t know about in your expertise that we should?
  • What mistakes are most common, even at a pro level?
  • Give us your key principles at becoming better at your expertise?

Part 2: Worst Moment and Lessons Learned

  • What was the worst moment you had in the game industry. That one moment that is still vivid in your mind. Be very detailed and tell us that personal story.
  • What do you want to make sure we take away from that?
  • What do you consider your biggest waste of time and what would you have replace that time with?

Part 3: Continuous Improvement

  • What is one of the best investments you have ever made? Could be an investment of money, time, or energy.
  • What is a new and recent belief, behavior, or habit that has most improved your life?
  • What is one goal you want to achieve in the next six months?
  • What activities would you focus on right now if you only had two hours per week to work on your goal?
  • If you can relay a message to the millions of game developers across the globe, what would you say and why?

Part 4: Crunch Time (Rapid-Fire Questions)

  • Why do you love being a part of the video game industry?
  • What was holding you back in the beginning?
  • What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your life in recent memory?
  • What advice would you give to a driven person that wants to get started?
  • What advice should they ignore?
  • When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do?
  • What resources should we use today?

End: Grand Finale

  • Tell us how we can connect with you and anything you want to mention, then we’ll say goodbye.
  • Suggestions to leave listeners with:
    • Your email
    • Social media
    • Upcoming events you want listeners to check out
    • Give a special code or giveaway
    • Info on your games/companies

I will call you via Skype at the appointed time: My Skype name tchankhmer. This is an audio-only interview.

Recording: By participating in the interview, you agree to allow TChan Games LLC to record, distribute, and retain the rights to the produced media.