Francisco Gonzalez

Francisco Gonzalez

Francisco Gonzalez is a writer and designer at Grundislav Games focused primarily on adventure games. His work include “A Golden Wake” and “Shardlight.” He is an instructor at Playcrafting NYC, teaching courses on topics such as adventure game design theory and writing interactive dialogue. I had a blast talking with Francisco about how he got started in the game industry. He wanted to be at a job that he loves and so he took the risk of going to another city and started creating games. The important thing here is that he stayed dedicated to his dream and won.


  • make that decision to take a big risk and stay dedicated
  • realize it’s important to step back on a project and catch a breath
  • if game development is something you love to get back to after a long break, you know you found your passion



Remember that knowledge is only Potential power, Execution is the game. I highly encourage you take what you learn and put it to good use. Don’t let it go to waste. Connect with my guests and ask them questions, they are willing to help. Comment below to share your thoughts and experience because I read every single message. Subscribe to the podcast to hear more inspiring stories. Thank you for your time!

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