Enrique Pina

Enrique Pina

Enrique Pina has been in the game industry for more than 17 years starting at TimeGate Studios and now Co-Founder of Orb Interactive. They released a mobile game called Gods of Olympus. Making games can be a very difficult process which makes it even more important to fall in love with the game development process. Get project planning done first to avoid as many problems as possible. Understand and know how a project runs. Be educated, keep researching, and try new things out.


  • Undo is the most amazing thing
  • You got to have a passion for the median and love the process of development
  • Understand how a project runs by communicating with the team and following the vision
  • Ricky felt like he failed his team and held up the whole project
  • Make your mistakes as fast as possible, you will get better faster



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