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With Game Dev Loadout, host Tony Chan takes you behind the scenes of what it takes to create a video game. Each episode features an interview with industry professionals who share their successes, failures, and why they love working in gaming. If you ever wanted to create your own video game (or were just curious about how video games are made), you’ll find this show valuable.

Thomas Frank

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This podcast is perfect for people thinking about getting into the video game industry. Tony takes the real questions he has from making his first game and brings them to industry veterans – what better advice could an aspiring video game creator want from a podcast? And Tony also finds ways to motivate through the intimidating process of getting into game design.

Ches Hall

+7 Intelligence Podcast

Hi, Tony! My name is Thiago, a game designer living in Brazil. I need to say that your “Game Dev Loadout” is amazing! I spend a lot of my hours working and at the same time listening to your podcasts to learn and improve my skills! Please continue it! 🙂


Game Designer in Brazil

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