Duncan Watt

Duncan Watt – “The fastest way to work with someone to break the ice and get the ball rolling, it’s just be honest. Be honest, be excited, and tell the truth.”

Duncan Watt is the founder of the Fastestmanintheworld Media which provides custom scoring, audio outsourcing and consulting for the digital games industry. His work include Bioshock Infinite and League of Legends which is one of the biggest game in the world. He also speak at events such as GDC and teaches on the side at Berklee College of Music.

Key points:

  • How to hire a composer
  • Get to know everyone on the team to produce successful results
  • Universal lawyer called him and said “this needs to be gone in the next six hours or we going to take everything you have”
  • Get your legal stuff in order and find out ahead of time if you have questions
  • Strive for excellence, learn the basic of business, and document everything
  • Find the people you relate to and listen to what they say
  • And much more…


  • Website: Fastestmanintheworld
  • The Muse Podcast – Description: Each episode, we invite an artist to play something new, something unreleased to the public – a new song, something different, maybe a work-in-progress – then we dive in and talk about the writing process, the story behind the piece, where it comes from, directly from the artist. Recorded live and uncut.
  • Contact page
  • Game: The Station



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