Dave Rohrl

Dave Rohrl

Dave Rohrl joins us today to give us incredible value about game design. Be proud of the work you do, play test early and often to learn those mistakes then quickly improve, and remember that every feature in the game should carry its own weight. Release your game with the feeling of accomplishment.


  • Time Boxing – give yourself time to figure out why the game is not working, and if you can’t figure it out by then, cut and run
  • Playtest early and often
  • “Just because your mom like your game, doesn’t mean it’s good
  • Be honest with  yourself if the game is what you envisioned​​



Remember that knowledge is only Potential power, Execution is the game. I highly encourage you take what you learn and put it to good use. Don’t let it go to waste. Connect with my guests and ask them questions, they are willing to help. Comment below to share your thoughts and experience because I read every single message. Subscribe to the podcast to hear more inspiring stories. Thank you for your time! www.gamedevloadout.com

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