Catt Small

Catt Small

Catt Small is a product designer, game maker, and developer. She is one-third of Brooklyn Gamery, a Brooklyn-based game development studio that also organizes diversity-focused game jams and events. She also co-founded Code Liberation, a non-profit that teaches people of marginalized gender identities to program games, and taught classes for the company until her departure in late 2016. Catt has spoken at schools and events across the country, including AIGA Design Conference and TED talk. It’s hard deciding to go with a paid or free to play model. Like Catt, I too couldn’t decide which model to choose for our games. It’s crucial that your team decide as soon as possible on the model because if you change pay model halfway through, the team might have to take out or add more assets to the game.


  • Do extensive research and get user experience to figure out what to keep and not keep in the game
  • Let the little things go bad if you make something else worthwhile
  • Scoping is hard. Hold restraint from adding too many features.
  • Think about your game monetization ahead of time.



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