Austin Game Conference 2017

The Austin Game Conference makes me want to immediately move out of Houston. I learn so much about the game industry and network with many great people. I think the after parties were the best part where you talk to other game devs. To hear the joy of people of...

60: How to Playtest Games with Deborah Hendersen

Deborah Henderson is a cognitive psychologist who has worked in games for more than 6 years. She specializes in helping teams understand when they are delivering on their design vision, or what is blocking players from getting to that vision. Currently, she works at...

50: Be Hungry to Learn with Fakhra AlMansouri

Fakhra AlMansouri is the founder and CEO of Hybrid Humans, the first independent game studio in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Some of her titles include Hop Hop Away and Who Lurks. She also organizes game jams, and create workshops to introduce students to game design. The...
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