07 Scott Brodie: What’s the Heart of Your Game?

Scott Brodie is the Founder, Lead Designer, and Programmer at independent studio Heart Shaped Games. He is an experienced game designer with credits in almost every area of the game industry. His most recent game, Hero Generations, was an IndieCade Finalist, funded...

05: Convey Your Ideas Clearly with Phillip Morales

Phillip Morales has been in the game industry for 16 years. He is the co-founder and 3D artist at Orb Interactive. They have a mobile game called Gods of Olympus. Game description: Command the gods of Olympus as they battle through ancient Greece against fortified...

04: Start With a WOW Moment with Tim Ruswick

Tim Ruswick is the founder of Game Dev Underground which is a marketing and connection platform for indie game developers to engage with one another and get their game out to the masses. With automated marketing tools, and a range of features designed to get...
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