35: Designing Stories for AR/VR with Rob Morgan

Rob Morgan is a game writer, narrative designer, and creative director of Playlines. He has worked on numerous VR projects such as “The Assembly” for nDreams. Did script consultation for the Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Centre. And now is developing new...

30: Invest Time in Your People with Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith is the CEO and lead programmer for DarkShot Studios. They recently released a 2D platformer called ROTii. We talk about how frustrating it can be when someone is not committed to the project. Just having one person leave the team can have adverse effects...

21: ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS with Jaycee Salinas

Jaycee Salinas has been in the game industry for about three years and is the creative director of Ask An Enemy Studios. He started the studio after dropping out of Full Sail University’s Online Game Design program and is now working on his own game called A...
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