Ahmad Bilal

Ahmad Bilal

Ahmad Bilal develops various mobiles games including my own game called Finding Leo. In this episode, we talk about hard work. There are no shortcuts you can take to get ahead. You have to hustle, create a USP unique selling point, play from the users perspective, be honest and upfront, and more if you want to succeed.


  • He self-taught himself game development when his teachers couldn’t help
  • It’s the right thing to do to guide clients and not take advantage of their money
  • Find a USP unique selling point by researching and talking with the community
  • Don’t stay at a place where you aren’t learning or growing anymore
  • Don’t think of shortcuts, it’s all hard work



Remember that knowledge is only Potential power, Execution is the game. I highly encourage you take what you learn and put it to good use. Don’t let it go to waste. Connect with my guests and ask them questions, they are willing to help. Comment below to share your thoughts and experience because I read every single message. Subscribe to the podcast to hear more inspiring stories. Thank you for your time! www.gamedevloadout.com