Episode 99

Jonathan Jennings

Software Engineer at RelayCarsVR 


How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Gain the Confidence to Get Started Today

Jonathan Jennings is a software engineer from Relay Cars where he develops Automotive VR applications. He has over 8 years of game development experience and worked on titles that had over 2 million cumulative downloads. He’s a public speaker at the Blacks In Tech Conference, Urban Tech Connect, and Rio Hondo College.

3 Valuable Lessons

  1. When you make extended reality games, you are asking players to get physically engage which can get them more into the experience but if you get them too tired, it could take them out of the experience.
  2. Learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable so that you won’t be afraid to explore new opportunities. Do not pass up on good opportunities!
  3. You should build a strong portfolio that not only showcases your work but explains how you did it.

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