Blair Leggett – “So too how a mountaineer has their safety line, a game team has their revision control system. If codes get messed up or something goes fubar, you have a RCS like a GitHub or Perforce that will help you recover NOT IF accidents happen but when IT happens especially as you start to scale up in development.”

Blair Leggett leads a small indie studio with his wife called One More Story Games. With over 20 plus years in the game industry, they have built their own game engine specifically for authors to create narrative games and published 7 games in the last 3 years while building the engine. Their work includes Danielle’s Inferno, Skycarver, and the upcoming Shakespeare’s Landlord.


Blair Leggett Connect:

  • Blair Website 
  • Story Stylus Game Engine Website 
  • Game Shakespeare’s Landlord
  • One More Story Games Twitter 
  • One More Story Games Youtube 


  • GitHub
  • Perforce 
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