Richard Ludlow – Three P’s Principle “You can take a project if it has any one of these three P’s. Great Project if you think it’s really neat and you love the work. Great People if you are working with awesome people and building great relationships. Great Payment if it pays well. It’s amazing if you get two of the three.”

Join Richard Ludlow of Hexany Audio as we discuss the importance of not writing overbearing scripts, learning to say “NO,” following the three ‘P’s when choosing a project to work on, and much more. Richard Ludlow is the audio director at Hexany Audio, a Los Angeles-based sound and music studio specializing in audio for games and VR. Richard oversees both the creative and business aspects and has worked on projects for Disney, Activision, Ubisoft, Ford, Chevrolet, and many more. He regularly speaks about game music and sound at GDC, PAX, and more.

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