Wing Cho – “You should really have a dialogue. Always talk because if you don’t then you will have a big issue and it’s going to take more time to deal with it when you could of dealt with it immediately.

He is a Ex-Nintendo and ex-Rockstar lead game designer with 20 years of experience. With over 17 shipped titles and selling over 12 million units, his work include the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, Midnight Club 2, Red Dead Revolver, and more. Currently he is the senior game designer at Recurrence Inc where they help transform boring classrooms into engaging games.

Key points:

  • Mantra – “Always be kind to your audience”
  • Embrace working in limitations
  • How overworking himself affected his life and learning to take breaks
  • Think about your self-worth instead of working for free
  • Doing stand up meetings first thing in the morning
  • And much more…


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