Oded Sharon – “You need to use your strengths as a creative person and not necessarily as a production company. If you are a small team, buy pre made assets from the assets store that are within your scope. Don’t waste time building everything.”

Oded Sharon is the founder and ceo of two companies, Corbomite Games and Adventure Mob. With over 18 years of experience, he made games such as Zbang, Cocktail Run, and Bolt Riley. He is also the head of Israeli IGDA and give GDC talks.

We Discuss:

  • Don’t come in the game industry thinking that your first game is going to make you rich
  • Join with passion, not for profit
  • Angry Birds was the 49th game that saved Rovio from bankruptcy
  • Going out of scope and prototyping
  • Make sure you’re protected when working with publishers
  • His motivation for making games has changed
  • Great idea called “Awkward Simulator”
  • An awesome GDC group that you, Game Devs, should join


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