Michael Sweet – “The investments that you make with other people, they invest back in you too and they believe in you.

Michael Sweet is an award winning composer and sound designer. Currently, he is the associate professor at Berklee College of Music where he led the development of their video game scoring curriculum. He also received the best audio award at GDC Independent Games Festival, and nominations for multiple game audio network guild awards. His work includes the Night Journey project as well as Waldan, a game.

We discuss:

  • He never thought his music career would merge into the game world in the early 90s
  • What 7.1 Surround Sound is
  • How influential the sound can be on a technical level
  • Finding great people to work with can help you bounce back from the worst of times
  • Why it’s good to be to be versatile
  • Exercise and cooking are great for life
  • Show your enthusiasm!


  • Walden, A Game
  • Night Journey
  • Email: [email protected]


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