Henrique Olifiers – “When someone ask you during an interview or process. Have you made a game? Have you made anything? Can I see it? It doesn’t matter the quality of what you have done. It doesn’t have to be the best game ever. That’s not about it. It’s about initiative. It’s about having gone through the hardship to put that together. That already puts you above 99% of the people who are competing with you for the same thing.”

Henrique Olifiers has been in the game industry for more than 30 years working on web-based games, massive multiplayer games, and social games. He is currently the CEO of the award-winning Bossa Studios, which are the makers of Surgeon Simulator, Monstermind and I Am Bread. Now they are currently working on Worlds Adrift, a sandbox MMO with real-time physics where you band together to build skyships and explore floating islands of a shattered world.

We discuss:

  • Made games since he was a kid in school in a third world country. The games were in cassette tapes! I didn’t know there was even such a thing.
  • Do 2-day game jams every single month at his company
  • There are no oversaturation of good games
  • Think about marketing from the beginning
  • It’s not the players job to know how hard game development is
  • Be wary of people that say or post something as gospel
  • Excitement for AI that changes the game experience for each type of player
  • and much more…


  • Bossa Studios
  • Worlds Adrift
  • Twitter: @Olifiers
  • Company Twitter: @bossastudios


  • Book: A Theory of Fun for Game Design by Raph Koster
  • Book: The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell
  • Mentors
  • Youtube