Alexandra M. Lucas

Alexandra Lucas is the host at Cheat Codes and does consulting at “So You Want To Make Games.” She earned a B.A. in French and English from Wellesley College, and studied game design at DigiPen. Next, she won the GDC Game Narrative Review competition twice at the Platinum level. In 2015, she studied sexuality and romance in ‘Dragon Age: Origins’, and in 2016, she explored mental health in ‘Heavy Rain’.

As a member of the IGDA Special Interest Group (SIG), she helped moderate the SIG’s roundtable at GDC 2016, and she presented at PAX Dev 2016 with Sonia Michaels about leveraging liberal arts skills into a game industry career. She discussed the future of narrative design and VR as part of a game design panel at the 2015 Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival. She currently works as a content writer on Microsoft’s Cortana team, a game writer for Immersed Games, and an editor for Pif Magazine.

We discuss:

  • Game canceled and losing her job
  • Using social media for branding
  • Have a resume ready at all time
  • Support female game devs
  • And much more


  • Website:
  • Twitter: @silkenmoonlight
  • Podcast: Cheat Codes Podcast
  • Her book coming out in November: Digital Love: Romance & Sexuality in Video Games
  • GDC Scholarship
  • GameDevMap – game companies location
  • OrcaHQ – job site
  • Game Writer Facebook group
  • Game Dev SubReddit
  • IGDA Scholars

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