Alon Kaplan

Alon Kaplan is a music producer for JoyTunes and manages a sound production business which mainly focuses on video games, film and theater productions. In addition, he is a lecturer on sound design for a few of the game design programs in Israel. He has been working on more than 50 shipped games, mostly in the indie, PC and mobile space, and has been invited to speak at conferences around the globe. If we want to find and do what we are passionate about. We must take the effort to go out in the world and take action. At networking events, make yourself stand out, approach people and start conversations. If you want to find a job, keep building your skill and create meaningful relationships. Do not wait for something to happen.


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  • Audacity
  • Audiojungle
  • FMOD Studio
  • Audio Kinetic

Remember that knowledge is only Potential power, Execution is the game. I highly encourage you take what you learn and put it to good use. Don’t let it go to waste. Connect with my guests and ask them questions, they are willing to help. Comment below to share your thoughts and experience because I read every single message. Subscribe to the podcast to hear more inspiring stories. Thank you for your time!