Garry Schyman

Garry Schyman is a BAFTA-winning composer that worked on acclaimed games such as the ‘Bioshock Trilogy’, ‘Dante’s Inferno’, ‘Shadow of Mordor’, and the ‘Destroy All Humans Trilogy’. He is one of the most decorated composers in the industry winning numerous awards including several soundtracks of the year awards. Writing music in games is different from other media like movies which have locked pictures. In video games, every experience will be different depending on players play-style. Also, it helps for the company to have a clear vision of the direction of a game in order to make music that best fit that vision.


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  • Twitter: @Schymusica
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  • Garry Course


  • Logic Pro X
  • Digital Performer
  • Michael Sweet Writing Interactive Music for Video Games (Book)
  • GDC Vault

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