Om Tandon

Om Tandon is the director of the user experience at Digit games studio. He has 12+ years of experience in building massively entertaining and monetizing experiences for 80 million+ engaged players in franchises like Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Marvel. Prior to Digit he has worked in Gameloft, and also started up a gaming studio called June Software. We like to assume what players want but then when they test out our games, they have a completely different reaction. That constant loop with the players to get their feedback will create a game aimed at that target market. Om Tandon explains why to build a game along with the player, not for them.


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  • Dan Ariely Blog
  • Don Norman – coined the term User Experience
  • Smashing Magazine
  • Coglode
  • Gamasutra
  • Pocket Gamer Biz

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