Jaycee Salinas

Jaycee Salinas has been in the game industry for about three years and is the creative director of Ask An Enemy Studios. He started the studio after dropping out of Full Sail University’s Online Game Design program and is now working on his own game called A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher. I personally believe that asking questions, quality questions, is an important skill. As a big introvert myself, I take awhile to work up the nerve to ask a question but when I do, I get the answer fast instead of overthinking it. Jaycee goes over the importance of knowing what you are trying to accomplish and how asking questions will quickly get you the answers you need.


  • Make games, not excuses
  • Going to PAX was his best investment
  • So crucial to know your hardware ahead of time before presenting it
  • If you are not excited after a few days of being in a PAX type environment, it might mean something…


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Unity(Book) The C++ Programming Language, 4th EditionThe Knights of Unity

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