Juan Gril

Juan Gril has been in the game industry for nearly 20 years. He was a director at Yahoo Game Studios, president of Joju Games, and now executive producer of FlowPlay. A company that specializes in multi-platform social games. It’s sometimes really hard to decide to keep developing a game or pull the plug. If you truly believe in your game, you will do what it takes to get it completed. And don’t forget to constantly get that user feedback to improve your game.


  • His first game on Atari started his desire to make games
  • Casual games can be made hard for players as along as the premise of the game is simple
  • Do iterations to nail down the core game mechanics first before over-developing
  • Don’t make a multiplayer game as your first game
  • Consume media and art beyond video games


  • GDC Vault – The Year in Mobile Games
  • IndieCade
  • Casual Connect


  • 3D Max
  • Unity
  • Open FL
  • HAXE

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