Episode 114

Jay Britton

Get Voice Actors Early in the Project, Practice Emotional Agility, and Fix Your Website


Award-winning British voice actor, Jay Britton has done 50 titles and over 300 characters ranging from indie studios to AAA developers. Games include Divinity Original Sin 2, FIFA 17, Starcraft 2, and more.

We discuss:

  • Voice actors should be experts in creating characters
  • Get them involved in a project as soon as possible
  • Table reads is a great way to establish characters
  • 90% of having a successful voice acting career is what you do outside the booth
  • Foster emotional agility because your lines will have an angry element to it, then the next line will be sad, then the next line will be happy.
  • On your website, have a video game demo and an email on the front page
  • Find people who will give you truthful criticism
  • Use a clicker to create spikes during recording so it’s easier to find that particular point when editing


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