Episode 112

Jeremy Liu

Who Are Your Games For and What Are Their Needs with Jeremy Liu


Jeremy Liu was the narrative design lead at NetEase Games, an intern at EA, and a technical designer at Rockstar Games. Titles include Red Dead 2, NBA Live Mobile, and Realm of Duels.

We discuss:

  • How to get into technical design
  • Why you need to study and plan ahead of time before taking action
  • His worst moment of working on a game that was destined to not be a commercial hit
  • Listening is a great quality of a leader
  • Do power naps, 20 minutes
  • How he becomes a walking exoticism in China because of his experience in the USA
  • The culture shock of working in the USA and China
  • Imagine ramming through a brick wall to join the game industry. You have to want it badly enough.
  • Market yourself as niche as possible, show how different you are to everyone else
  • Network with the people who you want to model


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