Episode 101

Victoria Tran

How to Design a Positive Community and Tailor Messages to Your Targeted Audience


Victoria Tran is the communications director at Kitfox Games, a small indie team in Montreal, Canada that is creating intriguing worlds like ‘Boyfriend Dungeon’ and ‘Moon Hunters’. They are publishing ‘Dwarf Fortress’ and ‘Six Ages’ to Steam. She has spoken at the game developer conference about Why You Should Care About Fashion and wrote a blog post about Designing Community for Kindness. She also does community consultations and co-organizes various local game events.

3 Top Advice:

  1. Create a positive environment for your community and enforce the rules to show that you care for your audience which will be trust and engagements.
  2. Tailor each message of your game to a targeted audience such as the press, streamers, and people with specific interests because they all will respond differently.
  3. When making decisions, do not overthink the worse case scenarios because most often it never happens.

Connect with Victoria

Twitter: @TheVTran

Kitfox Games Company: Website

GDC Talk: Why Fashion in (Most) Games Sucks, and Why You Should Care

Blog Post: Designing Communities for Kindness

Developing: Boyfriend Dungeon 

Developing: Lucifer Within Us 

Publishing: Dwarf Fortress 

Publishing: Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind 


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Thomas GDC Talk: Get Journalists to Cover Your Game: Lessons from Online Dating, Praying and No Man’s Sky 

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