Tim Ruswick

Tim Ruswick is the founder of Game Dev Underground which is a marketing and connection platform for indie game developers to engage with one another and get their game out to the masses. With automated marketing tools, and a range of features designed to get developers together, the core focus of the underground is to get games where they belong: in the hands of gamers. He also does Youtube videos and blogging to give us game devs tips and advice to keep pushing forward.

Your game first impression can either hook people or completely kill it. Starting with a WOW moment that separates your game from others is a great way to hook players in. It can be a new gameplay mechanic, a beautiful art style, an enticing music, or awesome storytelling. When you are showing your first screenshot or trailer, make sure it has something that will catch people attention.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Start with a WOW moment
  • Halo 1 was his inspiration
  • Why downtime is productive
  • Consistency is the key to success
  • Avoiding the shiny object Syndrome


  • Game Dev Underground
  • Twitter
  • Youtube


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