Richard Millington

Richard Millington

Richard Millington is the founder of FeverBee, author of Buzzing Communities, and a frequent speaker at online community events around the world. Since Richard’s unique focus is on cracking the ‘social code’ behind successful social groups, his approach combines cutting edge social psychology with advanced data insights and a library of repeatable case studies to transform audiences, employees, and customers into united, supportive groups. Over the past 13 years, Richard has helped to develop over 150 successful communities, including those for Google, The World Bank, Oracle, Amazon, Autodesk, Lego, The United Nations, Novartis, and many more. Richard has delivered keynote talks in many countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Australia, Turkey, Switzerland, Romania, and Lithuania. In addition, he has hosted sold-out conferences in London and San Francisco, creating a forum where a community of professionals could connect and share their expertise with one another.

Because of Richard expertise to build a community which I believe is vital to a game and company, I had to get him on the show. Building a loyal fan-base from the beginning of your game development can help tremendously for motivation and sales. So when you release your game, you would already have people ready to buy. Furthermore, your fans will be ready to support you on your future games. Community building is important, therefore, get started on it asap. Make social media accounts and just start posting about your thoughts and idea. As a result, you get more fans, a better chance a sales, and those fans will tell other people which in the end, garners more fans.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Focus on psychology
  • Don’t let someone else manage your community, you are responsible
  • Only invest in technology as your community grow, don’t go all in
  • Blending the video game community and game
  • Engaging and asking questions is key

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