Angel Muniz

Angel Muniz

Angel Muniz is a Hololens Developer working in Art & Design through an environment and prop creation for Unity and Unreal Engines. She co-organized 3D Learning Network on Facebook for industry vets, juniors, and recent grad artists. She also tutors in 3D art and lighting for games and films. Because of Angel, I’ve been able to network and meet amazing people. Some of my guests on the show is thanks to her. In addition, she has given us her time to tell her story and tips to become successful in the game industry.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How she spoke with Bungie and 343 Industries
  • Emphasized on word/life balance
  • Discuss career games
  • Someone lied about having investors
  • 1% every day to learning
  • Don’t overwhelm people with information



Enjoy and thank you for listening! Remember that knowledge is only Potential power, Execution is the game. I highly encourage you take what you learn and put it to good use. Don’t let it go to waste. Connect with my guests and ask them questions, they are willing to help. Comment below to share your thoughts and experience because I read every single message. Subscribe to the podcast to hear more inspiring stories. Thank you for your time!

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