Episode 02

Angel Muniz

How to Be Resourceful and Principles to Follow Toward Success

Angel Muniz is a designer and art lead at IS Studios. She has experience with environment and prop creation for Unity and Unreal Engines. She co-organized 3D Learning Network on Facebook for industry vets, juniors, and recent grad artists. She also tutors in 3D art and lighting for games and films. Because of Angel, I’ve been able to network and meet amazing people. Some of my guests on the show is thanks to her. In addition, she has given us her time to tell her story and tips to become successful in the game industry.

You will learn:

  1. Mentors, communities, gaming events are all important to meet new people that can help you improve.
  2. Have a good work/life balance and priorities the most important tasks to complete.
  3. Why you got to specialize in a field that companies need and make sure you don’t do something you will dread.



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