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It’s hard finding that motivation and tactics to get started on your gaming career. Every Wednesday morning, join Tony Chan as he interviews game industry veterans that are working your dream job. Model after successful people like Andrew Abedian from Survios (Raw Data VR), Chris Remo from Campo Santo (Firewatch), and William Harms from Hanger 13 (Mafia III). You’ll learn about their expertise, their worst moments, successful habits, and useful tools to help you get started on your personal journey. If you need inspiration, want to start on a passion project, or want to hear great career advice, then this is the podcast for you. Subscribe below!

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Tony Chan

I wanted something new and fulfilling after working for four years in the oil and gas industry. It would be amazing to be a part of the video game industry where people created incredible work of art. Game Dev Loadout became became my way of contributing and helping others succeed. My motto is “knowledge is only potential power, execution is the game.” Take action on what you learn.

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